Friday, February 27, 2015

For the Love of India

Our trip to India is a couple of weeks behind us now, just to be honest it has taken those couple of weeks to get my system straightened out. I think going through so many changes in such a short time, including sleep pattern, diet and emotion not to mention so many hours in the plane is hard on the body.

There were just two couples on this trip and we accompanied our husbands to an area that the ladies had not been before, very non western, although we were blessed with an amazing hotel that had just opened up a few months before. I hate admitting how spoiled I am, but I was so excited with a western toilet! Trust me the little things are the big things and toilet paper is at the top of the list!

Cathy and I taught a ladies study each day, it was such a blessing to be apart of this group. They were genuine, passionate and blessed my heart with their eagerness to learn and share.

We visited several homes and enjoyed the amazing hospitality of new friends.

One day we went on a boat ride on the Ganges River. I am sure the boat was built a thousand years ago. It was such an awesome experience, I enjoyed getting to observe the customs of the locals, and of course enjoyed some delicious chai.

The local school girls wanted to give us henna tattoos after school and then invited us to their home, it was such a treat for us.

We had the most amazing interpreters. This beautiful young lady, Rahel stuck with Cathy and I through the week. And then there was Sonu, who I lovingly refer to as our Indian son.

Our time there was wonderful and we can't wait to return again.

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