Monday, February 23, 2015

The Friday Project - Trim

I am a true southern girl, every house should have lots of woodwork and it should be snow white! Seriously, Mr. Wonderful and I had a conversation about how much is too much and he promised to intervene if I crossed the line! All of that being said, we have been working on adding trim for several weekends. Crown molding was added, we chose a smaller trim due to our eight foot ceilings. A smaller molding draws the eye upward and yet doesn't overpower like a more substantial molding might.

You can see the line of adding crown on top, while Wonderful takes a small break to watch the undefeated University of KY Wildcats. Go Big Blue!!!!!!

We did beef up the base boards as well as the trim around the front door and the opening to the dining room.(Like that around my refrigerator ) My entry is nothing more than a hall and the new trim makes the whole area look more impressive.

I can't wait to get some paint on this trim!!!

Now if all there was to do was change the trim that would be one thing, but there is now the process of filling nail holes, caulking and then sanding and painting. Although the trim was already primed, it will still need a couple of coats of paint. I am one slooowwwwwwww trim painter, but I am trying to remember that you eat an elephant one bite at a time, and you paint a house full of new trim one brush at a time!

Sorry for the blurry picture, I sometimes take a quick snap without my contacts. Never a good idea.

But I am inspired to paint on when I see what a difference it makes!

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  1. Oh trim make such a difference and yours looks amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

    1. Marty, you are always such a great encourager!