Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dates in the Future...........

I need a sticker on my calendar that states, "Dates In The Future Are Closer Than They Appear". Anyone else been there? I hit the ground running in January, we were planning for a trip to India  in February and preparing to begin Ladies Bible Study. By the time I got ready and packed, was gone for a week and a half and recovered from jetlag, it was a three week process. Then it was March and time to prepare for a trip to Taiwan  and the cycle repeated. People would ask me questions about upcoming events and I would reply if it isn't happening next week I haven't looked at it!

Now I find myself just one day away from April preparing for another trip and panic has set in. Although my primary responsibilities will take place in one evening, there seems to be much to do, I am finishing up the plans, shopping and decorations.

In the midst of this, IT HIT ME, Darling Daughter graduates in May!!!!!! It isn't like I just found out, but it has been so easy to push it to the back of my mind and plan what is just in front of me. I am now knee deep in planning a graduation party, (Mr. Wonderful and I have been working nonstop to get the yard ready to host the party.) as well as all of the festivities that lead up to the big event including prom, Senior night, awards, Senior Sunday ........... Where has time gone, not only the last few months, but oh my goodness the years? Darling Daughter is my baby girl, I am not a Rookie Senior Mom, I have two sons that I have had the pleasure of going through this with, but there is something about the last one!


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