Monday, March 2, 2015

The Friday Project-Yard Work

Despite the cool temperatures Mr. Wonderful and I decided to work outside. When we bought the house the yard like everything else had been greatly neglected. Our goals for this year concerning the yard are to give it a good overall cleaning, finish cutting the dead trees and see what exactly we have as far as bushes, flowers and decide on a plan for future plantings. I also hope to start with a small garden.

Before the shrubs were removed

The front of the house has a row of shrubs in front of the house that aren't in too bad shape so we are going to leave those, but there was also a second row of boxwood shrubs that line the circle drive. These were overgrown, some were dead or dying and the two separate rows blocked the view of the house. So we decided it was time to pull them up. We took a strap and hooked one end to the truck and the other end to each individual shrub and pulled them out. I drove the truck and Wonderful would move the strap to the base of each boxwood. It took over three hours to take out about 30 plants, but the result was so worth the effort.

After pulling up the shrubs (and having lunch) we started raking and cleaning up around the front of the house. We dumped over ten garden carts full of yard debris, but it is amazing how much the day spent cleaning the front of the house opened up the house and made it look so much brighter.

The pile in front of our house for yard waste day.

We have talked often about how much better a well kept house looks than a house that has been neglected.  We started with this:

To this:

Love how things are looking
The before picture is before anything (even before we closed). See the huge tree blocking the house, it was removed for safety reasons. The roof was changed within hours of closing and if you will notice we have taken off the vinyl siding on the front of the house. We will be removing all of the vinyl, a matter of personal preference and painting early summer. Fridays are always busy!

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  1. Susan,
    Amazing transformation, dear one!!!
    I'm still working on Renewal of the interior. . .
    however, in a few short months I'll be extending to the out~of~doors!!!
    Thank you for such an inspiring post!!!

  2. Looks fabulous!!

    (I just want a third of your energy. You and MW are incredible!)

  3. Mrs. Gay - great progress in your yard! I couldn't respond to your email on my blog, so I'll try to answer your questions here - I think the paper flowers would travel beautifully un-assembled. The paper straws are pretty sturdy (got most of them at Michael's) and have held up the flowers so far. Also, we did put floral foam in the bottom of the pots below the shredded kraft paper. Good luck with your paper project and house projects!! - Emily