Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Yard - Short Term Goals

A few weeks ago, Wonderful and I came up with a short term plan and a long term plan for our yard. The short term plan is a two year plan, with the long term plan being three to five years. By the time we are ready to begin working on the long term plan we should be all finished with the house, we didn't want to put everything off because we want to get the outside ready for summer fun.

Just a few pictures as a reminder of what the yard looked like when we bought the house, I am not sure if I am reminding you or me? lol

Our short term goals include:

  • establish a few destination areas for enjoyment including outside entertaining space with a fire pit
  • get ride of fire ants!!!! enough said
  • rake the entire yard cleaning up yard waste
  • plant a vegetable and herb garden
  • have a wide open space to set up games such as volleyball, corn hole etc.
  • clean up overgrown shrubs and plant a few areas taking it slow to figure out exactly what we want
  • get rid of the junk that was left by previous owner
  • outdoor dining furniture (most of our outdoor furniture was left at our old house per the request of the buyer)
  • accomplish our goals on a tight budget, using what we have whenever possible (most of our budget is still reserved for finishing the house)
We want to be able to enjoy being outside and host friends and family. Our desire is to have room to dine and play taking full advantage of our yard and outdoor setting even though we are not ready to spend money on major projects.

Our weekends have been spent on implementing our plan. We will be hosting Darling Daughter's graduation party the end of May so we are feverishly trying to accomplish this years goals by that time. It is already looking so much better! We are getting close, I can't wait to give you the tour.

Yes the grass was waste high in some areas when we moved!

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