Saturday, April 11, 2015

Porch on the Greenhouse

Our yard projects  are coming right along. I am not sure if you remember, but we have a green house and the renovation of it will be in phase two of our yard remodel, but the green house has a cute porch and we decided to go ahead and clean the porch up and make it a usable space. We started by cleaning everything off the porch and taking the large humidifier out of the window. The humidifier gone made such a difference on space. The porch is only about 5'X 22'.

Mr. Wonderful power washed the porch area. For all of our big jobs we always call Clean and Green, but for just the porch he used our small power washer and cleaned it up. We then added furniture back on the porch. The only thing I bought was a pillow for the white chair that was left with the green house. The bistro set is the only yard furniture that we brought from our previous house (the buyers wanted everything else). Even the bird bath was something that was left on the property and I moved it here.

I have been working on landscaping the front. The beds were already there, we just tilled them up and I have been adding a variety of cutting flowers. I am so pleased with the way it is coming along. I still need a few more flowers and I want to add outdoor string lights and a swing on one end. And maybe paint the door a fun color, any suggestions?

It is such a peaceful place, even being just feet from the house, we have enjoyed it already! The inside of the greenhouse is just for storage at this point. We have quite a bit of deconstruction to do before we can start construction, but as I said those dreams  are a couple of years down the road.