Thursday, April 23, 2015


I hate it when God has to teach me things over and over! I have found myself living for the next big thing. Within the past year I have had major surgery, sold a house , bought a house, began a complete remodel  of said house, celebrated the sometimes stressful holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, taken three international trips, and now preparing for the last of my children to graduate high school and move 15 hours away! I have found myself getting caught up in what is the next big thing for which I need to prepare.

But I have forgotten to enjoy the here and now!

My Bible study this spring was spent more on trying to play catch up for the upcoming class and less time just sitting and listening to what God was saying. I haven't enjoyed the journey of the remodel because I have been trying to get a project done before I left for a trip or someone was coming over. I have not taken the time to enjoy being creative because I have spent my time preparing for something. I have just checked the things off my to do list, grocery shopping, laundry, yard work, cleaning, without even a thought of being thankful for God's provision to do such things. I have been friendly to my neighbors, but haven't really taken the time to be thoughtful and caring to them, showing the love of Christ.

I am going to take a deep breath and enjoy today! I am going to enjoy working in my flower garden, enjoy cleaning my house not for people coming over but just for my own family. I am going to enjoy my Diet Coke, sitting on the patio, listening to the birds, watching the squirrels and reflecting on the blessings of God in my life. I am going over to my neighbors and show genuine love and caring. I am going to enjoy preparing dinner for my family and playing our favorite game,  BananaGrams, after we eat. I am going to enjoy walking around the yard with Mr. Wonderful and dreaming of the future. I am going to enjoy reading my Bible, not because I have to teach a lesson, but enjoy God's word for me. Yes I am going to enjoy today and trust God for tomorrow.

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