Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blog Remodel

Remember that time I was messing around with the settings on my blog and messed everything up? Yeah that was Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK first you must know that I am not electronically or techie inclined. If the remote is going to quit working, it waits until I touch it. If the internet is going to mess up, it is while I am at home alone. If the computer is going to have a glitch, yeah you guessed it, it is while I am using it. And the most maddening part is I can do the exact same things as Mr. Wonderful to fix it and it won't work for me and it will for him. Does anyone else have this experience?

So what was I thinking, I ask myself now!!!!! I was planning on getting a blog update, but until then I was just changing a few settings and other things and checking out a new layout. You know just previewing, well I am not sure what I did but I never could get my blog back in its true form. ARHHHHHH. Seriously I clicked all the back buttons and everything else and I never could get it back. So I did what I could to make it look, well let's be real, it still looks like "crap" (I don't like that word and I don't use it, but seriously couldn't come up with anything else that was appropriate!), and get on the waiting list of  A Design of Faith and get her to straighten it out!!!!!! So until then, this is what it looks like! Feel my pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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