Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ladies Night in Greece

I don't think I ever told you that I was blessed to go to Greece in April. It is kind of a big thing not to ever mention, but it was in a crazy time for me. Mr. Wonderful was the speaker for a missionary conference, we took a team of awesome people to be in charge of childcare and my friend Cathy and I were in charge of ladies night.

The setting was absolutely beautiful. Such a peaceful remote place, a wonderful time to be reminded of the love of our Heavenly Father.

Cathy and I were faced with a few challenges for ladies night. Number one, neither she nor I had ever attended one of these before, we didn't have a large budget and we had to bring everything with us. There was no time to shop before the conference in Greece and as I said we were staying in a remote area so having things delivered locally was not an option with our budget.

Although the ladies we were planning the evening for were Americans, most had not in the country for some time. After much back and forth and a very patient Leslie, our contact for the event, we decided on a candy bar for snacks. A room full of ladies and lots of chocolate, you can't go wrong. So one piece of luggage had about 35 pounds of chocolate, in order to made our budget go as far as possible we didn't want to pay extra for luggage, so weight was a concern. We also packed up several door prizes from a list of things that our friends could not readily get where they serve that included some wonderful smelling candles, spices, seasoning packets, peanut butter and lots of other random goodies.

We were able take advantage of Bath and Body's seventy five percent off sale and present each lady with a nice take away for the evening, keep in mind this also had to be counted in the weight for our luggage!

Although we wanted the tables to look nice, it was hard to come up with a decoration that didn't cost much, was light weight, didn't take up too much room and would travel well in a suitcase to another country! There aren't too many things that fit the bill. I saw a paper flower arrangement on a friend's blog, Dixie on My Mind ,  I decided it would work. So I cut out scrapbook paper flowers, really just shapes and glued them on to wooden skewers painted green. Everything else came from the Dollar Tree and included small colorful buckets, floral foam, and the shredded paper that you would use as a filler in gifts. It was all light weight, could be packed flat and assembled quickly and easily after arriving. Although I must admit it was not my favorite table decoration ever, not sure if it was my color choices or what but Emily's were much cuter than mine  and after Darling Daughter's comment of "Mom, is this the best you got?" I was completely unsure, but it did travel well and and brightened up the tables.

The evening was a wonderful time of prayer, laughter and fellowship. I was certainly blessed to get to meet these beautiful ladies.

Pictures of the event are selective because some of the missionaries serve in hard places and asked that their pictures not be published. (None serve in Greece that was just the place chosen for the meeting, lucky me.)

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