Monday, June 8, 2015

Mulch, Stain and a Teaser

The weekend was spent doing yard work. Wonderful mowed, while I weeded out of control flower beds. We also finally got our mulch put down. This is so late for mulch for us, but we had a few things that needed to be completed. To me mulch is the finishing touch, it makes a yard look so good.

Our little cabin out back!

I am trying hard to not over plant, which I am prone to do. I add so many smaller plants not allowing room for growth! Then in a couple of years it is overgrown.

I added this Japanese Maple about a month ago. I was contemplating putting one at this corner of the house when I found this one at Aldi  of all places. At $5.99 I was sure I couldn't go wrong with giving it a try. The rest of the plants on the sides of the house have been given to us by friends, and I am not going to add anything else this year. I am taking a much slower approach to everything about this house than I have in the past.

Darling Daughter stained our picnic table. She did a great job, I can't wait to get it put in place.

And finally we started on a project that we really didn't plan on starting. Although it is something we have talked about for a long time, it wasn't really in the plans for this year. But as we started cleaning up a pile of materials left on the property getting ready for big trash day (The best thing ever, where you can haul your junk to the road and they come by and pick it up every other month. I am sure our neighbors will be glad with our pile isn't quite so big!) Anyway we realized how much we had that we could use for this project and one thing led to another and before I know what's happening  Wonderful has gone from talking to digging holes, to pouring concrete and laying pavers. Here is a little peek, but I will wait until it is finished before I tell you what it is!

Any guesses?

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