Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Remodeling

Like everyone else I love a before and after. I mean really when you see how awful some rooms look and then to see how a fellow DIYer has performed her magic, it is just so inspiring. But this post is a reality check, this is not the type of post that is pinned or lets be honest, even really read and I get it! But in truth there is a whole lot of stuff that goes on between that gross before picture and that dreamy after picture. This is post about the in between stuff.

We are in the beginning stages of working on the exterior of our house and it will be a long slow project. Mr. Wonderful worked on taking off some old vinyl siding and then replacing rotting boards (remember our house is over 50 years old) in preparation of a brand new paint job. We started in the back of the house and will complete a section at a time. There was one time today when all I could see was the whites of Wonderful's eyes, he was covered in the gross, nasty stuff that falls out of the roof of your house when pulling out boards . I am kicking myself now for now getting a picture!

After our weekend trip to the home improvement store with the big blue sign (they really should give us a discount there for all that we spend, just saying) it started to rain a lot! We had a whole section of our soffits exposed and it was pouring the rain. Not wanting to leave it exposed to the weather for any longer than we had to we went out when the rain let up and nailed boards. I went from sweat dripping off me in the morning to rain dripping off me in the afternoon. Not a pretty sight in either case.

Saturday morning we began again and went at it pretty hard all day. We used every saw we own to rip boards, miter corners, cut holes for venting and on and on. All of the soffits in this section are replaced and we have new outdoor lighting, vents that didn't previously exist and the removal of 50 years of lines and wires that were no longer in use. We chose a trim color and by next weekend we hope to have this section finished! But no before and afters just yet, just a whole lot of hard work for the in between!  Are you in between on a summer project?

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