Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekends, Weddings and Anniversaries

This weekend we had the blessing of attending our nephew, Tyler and his new bride, Tessa's wedding. They celebrated their big day with a barn wedding, I just love the contrast of the rustic elegance. I snapped a few pictures of their day on my phone, I didn't get as many pics as I should have because it was just adorable, but wanted to share some with you. Forgive the awkward angles but, these were taken from the loft and there was a beam in my way!

We left Thursday morning driving, and returned Sunday afternoon. Original plans were to spend several more days than what we did, but a look at the calendar and we realized we couldn't spare quite as many vacation days as we thought. So we drove around 32 hours, to Kentucky and back in four days. I really don't recommend this!

Because this was also Father's Day weekend, Mr. Wonderful and I were both able to see our dads, which was nice. But guess what, this was also our anniversary! Yep Mr. Wonderful and I spent our 30th anniversary driving. Now I will admit that it was not necessarily a romantic weekend, but the long drive did allow us time to reminisce. We talked of favorite homes and favorite vacations. We shared special memories and the disbelief that we were old enough to be married 30 years. LOL We certainly had one anothers undivided attention and as always enjoyed our time together.

Lest you feel too sorry for me, we do have plans later on to celebrate this milestone!

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