Sunday, July 26, 2015

How to Make a Shower Curtain

Let's just start by saying that I don't really consider myself a seamstress. I have some basic skills, having made a few curtains and since it is pretty much the same I decided to make a shower curtain for our outdoor shower  that I shared with you a few weeks ago.

I purchased the two yards of outdoor fabric. Although if just for me I would have chosen something a little cuter, but because it is outside we went with something a little more masculine.

The first thing you need to do is determine the length needed, then I added two inches for the hem and three inches for the header. Mine was something like this 60" + 2" + 3" = 65" cut length. (This number was used to determine how much fabric to purchase.)

The second step is to determine how wide you need your curtain and add 2 inches for each side for the finished edge. Mine was 36" + 2" + 2" = 40" cut width.

Because I have a serger, I serged all sides, this step is not necessary.

Serging the edges.

Beginning with the sides I turned in 1/2 inch on both sides and pressed it down well. I think this is a quilting tool, but it is super handy when you are pressing straight lines. Then I turned the sides in 1 1/2 inches and pressed it well. Next I sewed both sides close to the pressed in edge.

This is a handy, dandy tool!

You follow the same process with the hem, turning in 1/2" pressing and then 1 1/2 inches and pressing again. I have found the better it is pressed the easier it is to sew. If the fabric doesn't hold the pressing crease well you will want to pin also, but some heavier fabric will give such a nice crease that you don't even need to pin to sew.

I used the stripe as my sewing guide.

Finally you will sew the header, turning in the 1/2" and pressing. This time you will turn down 2 1/2" and press well then sew. You now have basically a finished panel with no raw fabric edges and you are finished with the sewing. Just straight lines!

I was using my shower curtain with a liner so I laid the liner out in the floor flat, then I laid my shower curtain on top of it and cut the liner slightly smaller than my shower curtain. Although I tried to cut it straight, I was not spastic about it. Next the cut liner was placed on top of the curtain, lining up the headers perfectly. I then took a pen and marked the holes on my shower curtain. Mine needed six holes, but yours will be different based on the size of your curtain.

This is where I marked my hole.

This was my first time using grommets (eyelets) and it was a little scary. I mean I had a nice looking curtain made and I was getting ready to cut a six small holes in it! But I followed the package directions exactly and they worked really well. I purchased my grommets and the tool required at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. I did one practice grommet in a scrap piece of fabric before adding one on my curtain.

I also added one grommet on each side of the curtain about half way down. After hanging the curtain in the shower I added a small hook where the grommets were on the side. Due to the fact that the curtain was hung outside there is an occasional breeze and the hooks secure the curtain from being blown around.

The shower curtain turned out so well that I would consider making another one! It is just pressing and straight line sewing, you really could do this!

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