Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Celebration and Dedication

Over the weekend we celebrated the publishing of a book written by Josh King.  Josh and his precious wife, Paloma are friends and church family.  Josh wrote Suffering Well , a book about Job.  We wanted to celebrate this awesome accomplishment and pray for God to use not only the book, but Josh and Paloma and their family to His glory.

The King family!

Love book signings!

But book signings with friends are even better!

It was a sweet time of fellowship with some of the people that had provided support, encouragement and prayer during the two plus years that it took to write the book.  Josh signed copies and we enjoyed some snacks including a delicious banana cake made by Paloma, she is a fabulous cook and blogs at The Coffee Shop .

Fellowship is sweet!

No this isn't Josh's book, but it really made cute decorations!

Our time of prayer was precious, I just love it when we support one another in prayer asking
unashamed for God's blessing on people who serve faithfully.

Sweet time of prayer!

You don't need a reason to enjoy fellowship with friends, invite someone over!


  1. This is beautiful!!! So thankful with you for all your work and true hospitality, your house is beautiful! We had a great time and were so blessed by it all! We were not expecting all that! And Pastor Barry's words endorsing the book were such a surprise. Josh and i will be forever thankful! Loved your decorations too! Thank you!!!

  2. The table runner while cute, hurt my heart a little bit. Love you Momma! Everything is looking great :)

    1. Thank you Darling Daughter, I told several people how sad you would be!

    2. Yup! :) I can attest to that ... Your mom did mention you'd be heartbroken :(