Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Right Color of Paint

Sometimes the hardest part of any project is finding the right color of paint.  Anyone else?  We stuck with a standard off white paint for the walls when we moved in because it is neutral, I love it with the contract of white trim and it looks good in most every room.  The key being "most" every room.  The guest bathroom, like everything else in the house has undergone several projects.  We painted when we first moved in just to freshen things up, then we replaced the counter top with the black granite that is in the kitchen.  We also replaced the vinyl flooring with tile.  One of the things we decided not to replace was the tile on the wall and in the shower area.  It is in perfect condition and although some might consider it dated, I think it goes well with the feel of our older home.  Now the problem, the tile is a chameleon, with the neutral off white paint it looked gray, although previously it looked "greige".  Even when we added the floor tile that has both gray and tan, the paint just didn't work. 

Before we moved in!

Mr. Wonderful replaced the bathroom light and it was time to repaint, I chose several paint chips and brought them home, taping them to the wall around the tile.  With the gray chips the troublesome tile took on a taupe tone.  Although one paint chip seemed to match it spot on when I moved the chip around the bathroom it took on a lavender color.  I finally decided on a true gray, but I cautiously only bought the sample quart.  I painted several places around the room and knew from the first stroke it was not the color.  Deciding on a different approach I took the paint I had leftover from our master, it is a blue gray paint, and also painted several places just to give me a good overall feel. Wonderful felt that the color was a little dark for the small room.

Deciding on a color!

Not looking forward to yet another trip to the store with the big blue sign, I decided to mix the quart of gray with the blue gray, it ended up being approximately a two parts blue gray to one part gray ratio.  Then I just started painting and you guessed it I think it turned out to be the perfect shade.  I really like the custom color with the chameleon tile.

The lesson learned is that sometimes the best look is not matching, but complimenting. Like every other room in the house it is not finished, the next step is to paint all of the trim and cabinets and there is a lot in this small room.  I am also looking for a fabric that enhances the muted shades, although I usually choose fabric then paint, I am sure I can find something that works!  I guess I will let you know!

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