Friday, September 25, 2015

Updating the Front Porch

Anyone who has read my blog for very long knows that our 1960's house is a work in progress.  We worked the early part of summer on replacing the soffits on the back of the house and painting the trim.  Then it seriously got too hot to paint and we had a busy summer so we took some time off.  Well a couple of weeks ago we began working on the front of the house.  Remember what it looked like when we moved in?

We removed all of the vinyl siding on the front gable and found the wood underneath to be in good shape.  We decided to go with the cedar posts like we used on our previous house when we redid the back patio.   We removed the vent on the gable and although it was wood and original to the house we decided to replace it with cedar.  If you have ever remodeled an older house you know that what was standard in 1963 is not standard in 2015.  We were looking at something custom fitted, that was as expensive as it sounded and would take up to three weeks.  The big store with the orange sign had one but it was a bit too small, well Mr. Wonderful decided he could custom fit it himself and I must say it is one of my favorite things.

We also cedar planked the ceiling of the porch.  It took a whole week to get all of this done, because we had to work around some afternoon rain showers.  We still don't have it stained, hopefully next weekend, then I will show you the finished product.  I am thrilled with the way it is looking, it has changed our house drastically.

I can't wait to finish the staining so I can share it with you!


  1. Your house is so gorgeous! You guys really make a perfect team

    1. Love you Paloma and thank you for the encouragement!