Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall 2015

Fall has come to Houston, at least for a couple of days. We have enjoyed the first bowls of chili and as I sit here typing I am enjoying the smell of an apple pie in the oven. Fall just screams comfort food. This is a just out of the oven, not staged picture.

If you wait for it to feel like fall around here you might never decorate, so I don't wait. Generally the first of September I start adding a few things here and there. This year we were hosting some friends for the book dedication of Suffering Well and I pretty much just went for it! My favorite things to add for fall are lots of natural elements this year including nuts in the shell, of course pumpkins, I love the white ones, pine cones and just to be honest whatever I find in my yard. And I loved the look of the book pages so much I decided to leave them for the season!

The breakfast area with my newly made placemats is a favorite and although not a natural element, nothing says fall quite like candy corn!

White pumpkins showed up everywhere, even in the bookcase.

And finally nothing says fall quite the way a birdcage with pumpkins put in your fireplace! I love to add quirky fun and a bit unexpected things!

I hope you are enjoying a little bit of fall this weekend!   Blessings!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm near Dallas. Yesterday I threw open the windows, but they say the 90s are headed back. So ready for some of those comfort foods.

    1. I know Deborah, my husband said better hurry and make the chili before it gets too hot for it again!