Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Am Not a Fashionista

This is definitely not a fashion blog, but I am taking a break from home and hospitality because a couple of weeks ago I discovered something. I am not a fashionista, not only am I not a fashionista I am so out of style that I am almost back in style! There is a blog that I follow written by a 20 something young married, I follow because I know this family and it is a super way to keep up with them. That is where it ends and I became profoundly aware of that a couple of weeks ago. She posted about style for fall and was commenting on the fact that flare jeans are back in style and she is not sure about that because she wore them in middle school! What! Flare jeans are not in style, I wear a pair of flare jeans almost weekly and just to be honest I feel like I rock them! Now I find out not only are they not in style, they are so out of style they are considered to be coming back! Talk about a moment where I feel every bit of middle age, and when was the last time I shopped for jeans, I am not sure, I don't remember.

I need a sale!

I am reminded of the older gentleman that would wear white socks with dress shoes or long socks with shorts. I am reminded of the lady that would have on a super cute outfit and would "ruin" the look with comfortable looking shoes. Yes I remember those older people when I was in my early 20s and to be honest, I thought it was horrible at the time! Now I realize that I am that person, I am wearing my jeans because I like they way they fit and I didn't even realize that were not in style. All the while there is a 20 something mom out there looking at me every time I am rocking my flares and thinking I will never be that person!

I chose this pic because you can't see what I am wearing and because I miss my girl!

So here is where I am today, I have decided to continue to rock the flares, because after all they are back in for fall! But I have also decided that although I hate shopping a trip to try on jeans is surely in order! If you want to check out this super cute blog click Life as the Mrs., (but be warned you may find out you are not in style!)

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  1. I have seriously never ever seen you out of style. I've always known you to be a classy, beautiful lady!!!!!