Friday, October 16, 2015

The Day We Painted on the Dining Room Table

You know those paint parties that are so popular right now? Well a group of friends came over and we painted on my dining room table! I am a firm believer that our homes are for fellowship and should not be a furniture museum. I just put some plastic down, and then set everything up. We had so much fun, none of us are the next Michelangelo, but we enjoyed lots of laughter and some really good snacks and went home with a cute family crest!

Most of these parties take place at a studio, but Delton Gerdes will come to your home for a group of six or more. He supplies everything needed for this fun evening, well except the snacks! Mr. Gerdes is in the Houston area, message me and I will send his contact information.

Painting is a great way to see every one's personalities come out! We laughed as we mixed colors, tried new things and really just enjoyed fostering and encouraging each others creativity.

I do have to tell you a funny story. Because we are in a perpetual state of remodel and do not have our house numbers up yet, I have been putting this large chalkboard near our driveway when we have things at the house. Our neighbors saw our sign and came over and offered all of their painting stuff, rollers, pans, ladders and such and said although they would have been happy to help they were going to be gone for the evening. Well we had to explain that for once we weren't painting our house!

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