Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dessert Buffet

Back in November I shared with you a project that Wonderful and I tackled for my birthday, (click here  for a reminder).  If you recall we used plans from Ana White to build a dessert buffet designed specifically for a space that I had in the dining room to allow an additional serving area.

Well unfortunately in my typical blogging fashion I got busy and never shared with you the finished product.  After a good sanding, and then a wipe down with a tack cloth I applied a new to me paint, Fusion Mineral Paint.  At the recommendation of the seller of the paint I applied the first coat on the raw wood, in hind sight I should have applied a wood conditioner first because in the end it took about five coats of paint.  I think that three would have been sufficient had I used the conditioner to seal the wood.

After the paint dried, I then applied an antiquing glaze.  I continued to layer the glaze to achieve the look I desired.  I am not sure how many coats that ended up being because at times I only added to specific areas.  I then applied two coats of wipe on poly because I was going to use it to serve food, it needed to be a durable surface that could be wiped off and wouldn't stain.

The end result is exactly what I wanted.  Because we customized the measurements, it fits the space perfect, the red adds a pop of color and it provides a functional surface for entertaining.

Through Christmas I used it to display my snow globes when it wasn't being used as a buffet.  The bottom shelf has an antique picnic basket that adds additional linen storage for the dining room.  Although the top displays some simple decorations that I already had,  I am not exactly sure what I want here long term, just thinking I will know it when I see it.

Based on our experience and the success of this project, Mr. Wonderful and I have already planned a few more things in the future!

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  1. I love this piece! I've been looking for a table similar to this one to add to the dining/living room combination in our home. We haven't had luck yet (tables were either too wide or too narrow), but after looking through this post, I'll definitely be checking out your previous one and perhaps tackle your DIY instead. Thanks so much for sharing, Susan and for joining us on #SHINEbloghop last week!

  2. Thank you Maria for stopping by and yes I would recommend this table! It is also special because my guy and I built it together!

  3. Dessert buffet!! Sounds just so amazing! I am really impressed with these wonderful photos. That simple table turned out to be really cute. Nice work done! We too would be hosting a luncheon soon and will use the table décor ideas. I am surely going to book one of the garden themed party Venues in NYC for this event.