Monday, January 18, 2016

Road Trip with Darling Daughter

Last Monday morning Darling Daughter and I pulled out of the drive way and headed north.  She was to check in at school for her second semester of college on Friday and we went up a few days early to visit with family.  The first day we drove to Memphis and spent the night, Mr. Wonderful didn't want us traveling at night.

On Monday night Darling Daughter received an email requesting a Skype interview for a summer position the next day at 2:30, so we adjusted our travel time and left a little earlier on Tuesday morning to allow her time to get there and freshen up before the interview.  Can I just tell you that girl is a beast at driving, she drove the whole way!

We spent some time with family before going to Louisville on Thursday to spend the night with my son, her brother, the Business Man.  It was such a good day, she took me to some of her favorite places.  We had lunch at Simply Thai , it was very good.  We also hit up Trader Joe's and of course Target to get her stocked to begin the semester.  I must say her Dollar Spot is so much better than the one at my Target!  We dropped by campus to pick up the mail that had collected and then met the Business Man at his apartment and hung out there the rest of the evening.

On Friday we got up and had breakfast at a coffee shop, the Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe .  Super cute and wonderful food.  I must say it left me wishing my area had a better selection of quaint coffee shops instead of the one on every corner with the green sign!

We had time to kill before the assigned check-in time so we went to World Market and picked out furniture and other fun stuff for her one day apartment!  It was such fun just to look and hang out together.

After getting the Target haul, a keyboard and the stuff she brought home over semester break as well as the gifts she received for Christmas up two flights of stairs we were whipped!  We had a little time before meeting my son and his girlfriend for pizza before time to catch my flight back to Houston.  (I must also say my area needs a Blaze Pizza !)

My flight ended up being canceled, I had to call for someone to comeback to the airport and get me and then take me back at 4:30 the next morning!  Although not a fun ending, I had to say good bye twice, it was a very fun week sharing it with my favorite girl!  Now back to empty nesting!

(All of these pictures were taken on my phone, the girl was quite patient with me and my picture taking.)

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