Monday, February 29, 2016

A Great Weekend Spent in the Yard

This was the most beautiful weekend, the weather was just spectacular.  Mr. Wonderful and I started Friday by tilling up our garden space.  That is right I finally have a real garden area.  We decided to keep it small because our summer can get busy  and we wanted it to be manageable in light of that.  We have the room to double it next year if we decide to!  While wonderful did the actual tilling, I used a kit to test the soil and found out we need to add nitrogen.

After tilling we went to vote, early voting ended Friday in Texas.  It was great to see such a long line at the poles.  Democracy at work!

Wonderful and I then went to one of my favorite stores, our Alspaughs Ace Hardware, any hardware store that sells pipe fittings, plumbing supplies, paint, tools, seeds, garden hoses, Vera Bradley, Pandora and everything in between is the best!  This trip was spent on items for the garden, but it is still fun to look!  We ended the day with a fire in the fire pit!

Saturday Wonderful continued the yard work while I took care of some things inside.  He mowed the lawn for the first time this year mostly to trim weeds.  Then he swept the yard again, getting another 15 bags of yard waste!  I say it every year, but I hate sweet gum balls.  Our friends, the Henkes have given us several rose bushes and we planted the the last two by the patio.  Hoping it will provide not only a nice fragrance to enjoy but also provide some privacy for us while enjoying outside!

What is your perfect weekend?  If you have successfully raised a garden in the Houston area, what tips do you have for me?

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