Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Exterior of the House - Friday Projects

Last week end was very productive and it didn't hurt that the weather was incredible!  We started tearing the vinyl siding off the driveway end of the house.  If you recall we tackled the back and front of the house last summer and fall.  (Click Here ).

This was the small ladder not the extension ladder.

The house was covered in vinyl siding, when removed it revealed a Dutch lap siding that was really in good shape, we discovered one board so far that must be replaced.  The siding needs to be scraped and the numerous nail holes filled before we start painting.  The plan was to do one side at a time, but the siding has to be ordered and it will be cost effective to only order once.  Also the apex of the house is really high and the extension ladder we were using just couldn't reach the highest point so we will have to rent something, obviously we only want to rent once so we will be tearing the siding from the other side next.

When Mr. Wonderful was on that ladder I was so nervous, I literally sat in a  chair and stared at him the whole time he was pulling stuff down.  When he would get down I would pile the waste up, but the minute he climbed back up and I would sit and stare!  You would have thought it was my eyes anchoring him to that ladder!  He confessed later it wasn't my eyes but prayers that kept him stable!

Saturday our awesome neighbors offered to let us use their lawn sweeper.  I am sold and will be combing local garage sale sights for one!  If you are not familiar you attach it to the back of your lawn tractor and it picks up leaves, sticks, pine cones, the dreaded sweet gum balls, pine needles and anything else laying in the yard.  We bagged 17 bags of yard waste!  That was in addition to the 8 bags that Wonderful had hand raked the weekend before!  This would have taken us days!  After cleaning the yard, I enjoyed a little hammock time, it was almost 80 degrees!

I also tried a new recipe this weekend, a bolognese sauce  from The Chunky Chef, that simmered in the slow cooker while we were working in the yard.  It was definitely a keeper, although a bit meatier than our normal sauce, the taste was excellent.  I urge you to give it a try if you would like something new!

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