Saturday, February 13, 2016

Spring Fever

It is about this time each year when spring fever starts to rear it's hopeful head around here.  And really when the thermometer reaches 80 degrees a couple of days who can blame me.  I have to talk myself down every year, but the anticipation is almost more than I can stand.

 I have high hopes of planting a small but productive vegetable and herb garden this year!  We also want to change up the front landscaping a bit, add a couple of citrus trees and continue to groom our yard getting it into better shape for hosting friends and just enjoying ourselves.

But until then Mr. Wonderful worked hard to finish the driveway side of the house and it looks so good.  We were blessed with our friends, the Lewis', offering us their taller ladder and when we went to the store with the big blue sign to special order the Dutch ship lap we needed to replace a few boards, they realized they had some in stock and after an hour of waiting they finally located it!  Yeah us!  I love the way it looks!  It turned out just the way we planned!  (The before and a few process pics can be found here.). Just a couple of finishing touches and it is done.

While Wonderful was on the ladder painting I cleaned weeds out of the landscaping and moved the fall mums getting it ready for those changes we are planning.  I can't wait until it is time for fresh mulch, one of my favorite things!  I also cut back my rose bushes!  Friday projects are alive and well!

And after a long day, we enjoyed dinner on the patio for the first time this year.  Spring is just around the corner!

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