Friday, April 8, 2016

Date Night

We have been pretty busy the last several weeks, lots going on at church as well as busy at home with house guests, kids in for visits and  hosting a couple of impromptu dinners. It is always tons of fun, but this weekend we needed a chill night.

Where else can you work on your golf game while dinner cooks!

After working outside cleaning up some of the stuff that had piled up from yard work as well as the last of the siding we had removed from the house, we quit work a little early from our normal Friday work day.  After cleaning up ourselves, Wonderful grilled some delicious chicken breasts and I made a spinach salad.  We enjoyed dining outside on the patio, we always laugh and say it is our favorite table at our favorite restaurant. Quiet, private and you can't beat the scenery!  Our after dinner entertainment was Bananagrams , watching a movie on TV and enjoying brownies . (Wonderful almost always wins!)

The best date nights for us are not elaborate or expensive, but a quiet evening at home enjoying a simple meal and spending time with each other.  If you want to make it a little more special, set your table, use a tablecloth, cloth napkins and light a candle.  Bake a favorite dessert or splurge on a restaurant treat, either an appetizer or dessert. Or plan to go out for ice cream after dinner, there are many buy one get one free coupons available.   Although an after dinner movie might be your choice of entertainment, turn the TV off while eating, one of the many reasons I love eating outside!
Special date nights don't have to cost a lot of money, with a little preplanning and using available tools like  this  your favorite dates might just become the ones you spend at home!

What are your favorite frugal date nights?  We have always enjoyed quiet evenings opposed to nights out!

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