Friday, April 29, 2016

What's Happening

I have been a little absent of late, so to catch you up, we had a flood!  A real life on the national news,  neighbors rescued in boats, 500 year flood!  Our home was not affected and for that I am so thankful.     Our neighborhood has sections and the part that backs up to the San Jacinto River flooded.  The Red Cross and Texas Baptists Disaster Relief set up in the church parking lot giving away mud out kits and serving about 8,000 meals a day!

I have been working on a few sewing projects, I have a couple of showers coming up and I am trying to finish a few gifts.

This has been the best spring we have had in our part of Texas in forever, with the exception of the flood!  We usually have just a few days  of beautiful weather and then it just gets hot!  This year we have enjoyed many evenings on the patio and my herb and vegetable garden have thrived in all of this rain, unfortunately so have the mosquitos!  Anyone have a recipe for all natural mosquito repellent?  I would love you to send it to me!

We are hoping to have the outside of the house completely finished in a few weeks.  Wonderful finished the painting a couple of weekends ago, before the rain and now we have to mulch, add shutters, some guttering and it is finished!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to give you the final reveal, but more rain is in the forecast so we will see.

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