Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Brick Entry on the Greenhouse

After getting the mulch down around the house, Hubby mowed the yard.  While he did that I worked on the green house.  I have wanted to replace the small entry to the green house for a while.  It was made of stepping stones and just looked tired and stained.  I decided to replace it with some of the brick that we have,  I am thinking of changing the name of my blog to 101 Ways to use brick!  Lol.

If it looks neglected, that would be correct!

I began by removing the pavers.  The ground was fairly even and soft where they had been so there was no need to level or add sand.  I just began by placing the brick in a staggered pattern.  I left a tiny gap between each brick and would remove soil to keep level as needed.  The first run was pushed against the greenhouse entry so I kept them evenly spaced from there.

When they were all placed I poured a heavy layer of sand over the brick, paying close attention to the cracks.  Then I swept the excess sand away with a broom making sure each crack was filled.  This keeps the brick from shifting. I had a new entry in very little time at all and everything I used I already had so it was no cost!  A win, win!

The next thing I did was to add the fresh mulch to the front.  This little porch to the green house is so quaint.  I love to decorate it with rustic items.  The greenhouse will eventually become an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.  I have never named a place before, but this area has been named "Sojourner's Rest".  Although at this point in time that name is somewhat laughable because it seems we have yet to rest, when it is all complete we are sure it will be just such a place!

Such a sweet bonus porch!

For the love of succulents!

Dirty feet, mulch stains and ant bites, it was a good day!

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