Sunday, May 15, 2016

Making Room for What I Love

What constitutes a good book?  If it is a self help book I must connect with it, it has to be not only helpful but also entertaining, keeping me engaged and eager to see what more the author will share in the next chapter.

I have read lots of clutter busting, organizing, simplifying books, LOTS.  Some I begin and never finish basically because they have nothing fresh to offer, they are like numerous other books.  Some books offer a fool proof formula, and through much trial and error I have realized that formulas are not one size fits all.  Just because it works for you doesn't mean it will work for me, my mind may function differently or my house layout is not conducive to your formula.

If you are looking for a book to get you motivated in your decluttering, organizing project I have the book for you, "Make Room For What You Love" by Melissa Michaels.  This books allows you to figure out what works best in your life.  Melissa is the author of "The Inspired Room" blog,  this is her third best seller, I have loved all three.   In "Make Room For What You Love" Melissa encourages  us to make our home a sanctuary that inspires us.  She challenges us to determine what we find beautiful and create that space in the home we live in now.  There is no formula, Melissa gives us suggestions and parameters to determine the amount of stuff, whatever that stuff happens to be, needed for every area of our home.  Have you ever thought about writing a mission statement for your home?   Me either, but what a perfect way to figure out what to keep, what  I might need to purchase or even how I live in my home.  Each chapter ends with reflections and opportunities to use what I learned.  The last part of the book is a challenge that takes us through each area of our home with suggestions, tips, lists and even inspiration to celebrate our accomplishments.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Make Room For What You Love"!  I have lots highlighted, and I plan to go step by step through the challenge over the summer.  I am sure it is a book that I will refer to and read again and again.  This is a book that can work for anyone, young mother or empty nester,  large home or small apartment, a collector by nature or a minimalist.  I hope you will check out "Make Room For What You Love"  and while you are at it check out, "Love the Home You Have"  and "The Inspired Room".  

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  1. Thank you for this review. I wish I could declutter my home, but I am a "collector of pretty things", a nice way of saying I am a crafter! lol

    BTW, I am popping over from Titus 2 Tuesday and Snippets of Faith!

    1. Robin, thanks for stopping in, one of the things I liked about this book is that you decide what your clutter comfort level is. Have a great week.