Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hope and Peace Restored

When the world gets crazy I tend to draw inward, it is my natural introverted tendency.  I clean closets, finish projects, organize drawers anything that gives my world order and perhaps makes me feel in control when the world is out of control.  Let's just say I have gotten several things done lately.

I hate controversy and to a fault avoid it in my own life, yet it seems I cannot escape controversy, it is everywhere I look, in my own country and those around the world.  Getting caught up in it I sometimes lose hope, then realize I am looking in the wrong place for my hope and peace.  The world will never provide such things, hope and peace are only found in Jesus.

This past Sunday I was feeling that heaviness as I entered our worship center.  Music that can lift my spirits seemed to fall somewhat flat, there was just a feeling of oppression that could not be sung away.  We then knelt in prayer at the alter or at our seats, there were white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Russian people, friends, family all gathered together to pray in one place.  We prayed for those who were grieving, no matter their color.  We prayed for peace among our neighbors and a heart of reconciliation for our nation.  My own heart began to be lift, hope and peace began to well up inside of me.  Then it was time for the message, and I must say that just listening to the Word my hope was restored.

Our pastor, who just so happens to be my very own "Mr. Wonderful" spoke partly on the unity of heaven and that until our churches begin to look more like heaven our world, our nation, our community would not change.  This message gave me such hope, even an excitement for heaven that I did not have when I entered that morning.

If you long for your hope and peace to be restored  I encourage you to take a few moments to listen:  "What God Wants For Our Country"..  Blessings for the hope and peace that can only be found in Christ!


  1. We loved it as we drove on our travels. I'm excited to stream Sunday's too! I love our church and you both so much!

    1. Isn't live streaming awesome! Last time we were gone, we used live streaming as we drove home! Thanks Sandy!