Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kroger ClickList

Although at times I don't mind grocery shopping, sometimes it is a pain.  When I have a busy week planned with projects I hate to stop what I am doing to go grocery shopping, inevitably I end up loosing a half of a day to cleaning up and errand running.

Enter ClickList, Kroger's new service where you can shop, compare costs and add items to your cart online.  After submitting your order someone at the store takes your grocery list and does the actual shopping.  You schedule a  time to pick up,  drive up to the designated area, call a number and give them your info.  An employee comes out with your groceries, gives you the total and scans your card at the car, your helper then loads your groceries in the car.  Easy as that!  You can add special instructions to items such as produce, I generally buy bananas on the green side, so I noted that on my list.  It really was easy and allowed me to review my cart.

I arrived at the scheduled time, and unfortunately had to wait fifteen plus minutes after calling to let them know I was there. When they brought my items out they explained that after double checking my order I was missing tomatoes so they had to go back and pick them up, because I had to wait those items were free.  When I got home I realized I was missing eggs, but had two packages of cheese instead of one so I am calling that even.

There were three other cars that pulled up while I was there and none of them had to wait as long as I did, so I believe it was not their norm.  After inquiring I learned they are currently filling as many as 90 orders a day, so lots of people like me are giving it a try.  When my children were little I would have loved to have access to this service for sure!

The $4.95 fee was waived for my first visit, even though my experience wasn't perfect I will use it again.  The pros include staying in my work clothes and no makeup.  I also did not make any impulse buys because I was never in the store.  The cons include not being able to take advantage of non advertised specials.  Also I would not use this service to buy meat as I like to choose my own.  But this is great for super busy weeks or just my stock up on staple grocery buying weeks.  Have you tried any of these services and if so what were your experiences?

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