Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bathroom Redmodel Status

The bathroom remodel has gotten smaller and larger!  We were going to bump out a wall to make the room larger and discovered that much of the upstairs HVAC ran through that area.  As easy as Chip and Jo make it sound, that was not in our modest budget.  So we are working within the existing footprint.

So far we have replaced all of the plumbing for the room and moved the toilet and the shower.  We have also added plumbing for a double sink.  We decided that we would replace all of the drywall, not part of the original plan, and insulate the floor and all of the walls for sound.   Another addition includes a skylight to the shower area to improve the lighting for the whole room.  See what I mean about growing bigger!

Our plan for finishing in a couple of months is now a hope of finishing by the holidays.  Having one bathroom is not a big deal, although going up and down the stairs in the middle of the night is not ideal!  The increase in time and budget will allow us to add a couple of things that will make our bathroom even better in the long run!

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