Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All Things Pumpkin

WOW, it seems impossible that it is September 6th.  With my first Christmas gift bought, I am excitedly pulling out my fall decor.  I have greatly streamlined  all of my seasonal decor, opting to use fresh items when possible.  That being said, my supermarket doesn't have any pumpkins yet, apparently everyone in Texas is not as ready for fall as I am!

This is a 2x2 canvas that I am attempting to paint a pumpkin on, it still has a way to go, but I am enjoying painting again.  Creativity is something that I need in my life!

Even though I am beginning to  create  fall vignettes here and there, I am enjoying a more simple and I guess restrained approach.  Although I am already thinking about Christmas, I hope to carry that same restraint into my winter decor as well.

My grocery doesn't have my favorite pumpkin flavored coffee creamer yet either!  If you could hear me, I would be heaving a monumental sigh. I am going to give these Cheerios a try while I not so patiently wait.

With a little pumpkin coffee cake and a cup of pumpkin less coffee I will be enjoying the latest issue of  Country Living.  Perhaps I will not only paint a pumpkin, I will paint on a pumpkin!

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