Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chalkboard Art for Fall

My kitchen chalkboard is one of my favorite things!  One of the reasons being it fills an awkward space.  When remodeling the kitchen I ended up with a space where the wall cabinets end, but the countertop and bottom cabinets continue another 15 inches.  The top cabinets had to stop as a result of pipes located in the soffet that could not be relocated.  The bottom cabinets extend further and allow for more storage on the breakfast nook side, in a small kitchen this is priceless.  It also creates a great serving counter when entertaining.  My solution was this chalkboard, cheap and it can be changed seasonally or as the mood strikes.  Love it!

This art lasted all summer,  I think one of the reasons being that I got a bike for Mother's Day this year.  As I changed things up for fall, the chalkboard also needed an update.  I usually search Pinterest for inspiration and then add my own flair.  This is the early fall version and I am sure as it gets closer to Thanksgiving it will change again.

Loving the vignette that sits below the chalkboard and it's blue pumpkin!  I found the scales several years ago at an antique market as well as the coffee grinder.  Wonderful wants to use the grinder, but I told him to stick with with electric one!

Wishing you a happy fall as I hear my air conditioner kick on again!

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  1. The chalkboard is a great idea, especially with the inspirational sayings. I also like the vignette underneath. And I had to laugh when you said Wonderful wants to use the vintage grinder. Best to use the electric one :)

    1. Thank Debra for dropping by, I think I might be tempting hubby having my antique so close to the electric coffee grinder!