Thursday, September 29, 2016

Picnic Baskets for Dining Room Storage

I bought my first picnic basket several years ago at a second hand store.  Through the years it has stored clothes that were waiting to be ironed, craft supplies and lots of other miscellaneous items.  When we moved here it ended up in the dining room storing paper party supplies.  I have looked several places for another, but never found one.

On our recent trip to Yellowstone we spent an afternoon in quaint Ennis, Montana.  There were several antique stores and a cute cafe where we had lunch.  While we were milling around I found several picnic baskets.  I was so excited, but we flew!  I knew I wasn't leaving there without one, but I had to choose carefully.  There was a really large one that wasn't in the best shape and no way it would make it in my luggage.  Although the small one was cute, I wanted it for storage and it wouldn't hold much.  So I decided on the middle sized one.  Wonderful gave me that look, "How in the world are we getting this home?".  I proclaimed this would be my carry on!

I proudly carried my newly procured basket through the airport.  It was packed with purse, ipad and several other items.  I got a few curious glares, but I was elated.  When we boarded I was met by the flight attendant, she told me in no uncertain terms that my basket had to fit under the seat.  Well I held my breath and sat down and much to my relief my treasure fit snugly, I mean not a quarter of an inch to spare.  I was glowing or gloating, I am not sure which!

The following week, Emily and I were treasure hunting and when we walked around the corner of one of our regular shops, there high on the shelf was another picnic basket.  It was taller and more slender than the two I had at home, but the same style!  I came home with my third basket.

I am counting my three baskets a set and will only add another if I get rid of one that I have.  They are perfect storage in my dining room, freeing up space in my sideboard.  One still holds paper goods, one holds my chargers and the last, all of my table clothes and runners.  If one gets full I will know it is time to pare down!

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