Friday, September 9, 2016

The Bathroom, a Slow Process

If I sighed monumentally  over my pumpkin spice creamer, the sigh for the bathroom remodel is earth shaking.  We are progressing at a snail's pace, but you actually have to be home to get much done,  there are no bathroom remodel fairies.  Our weekends that last couple of months have been quite busy, therefore the bathroom has been somewhat on hold.  That being said, we have gotten a few things finished.

The plumbing is complete for now.  We had a great plumber, Loren who relocated our toilet and shower drain.  He tirelessly answered our questions, and introduced us to the world of Pex pipe.  Mr. Wonderful has become quite good at installing the piping, and we were able to save quite a chunk of money by him doing all of  the piping work.  If you need a plumber in the Houston area, call HaLo at 281-779-6644 and tell Loren the Jeffries recommended him!

We are waiting on a  couple of pieces back ordered from the plumbing supply store in order to get the last of  the backer board up on the shower walls.  The shower bench will hopefully be completed this weekend.  Even though it has been easy to get frustrated, we have learned so much.  Hoping after working this weekend we will be able to check a couple of more things off of the to do list.

See this wall heater, it is original to the house from the early 60s.  I loved this heater, and Wonderful was able to save it for me.  It would have been in our shower area and had to go, but I really wanted it to stay, I loved the character and it is awesome to light on those rare few days that it gets cold enough to warrant using it.  So Mr. Wonderful moved it down the wall so it could stay.  That was definitely one of those because I love you projects!


  1. Love this!!! We found some old heaters to out in our home too!! I've been showing Russell your remodel and it's so exciting to see the ranch style home!

    So exciting for you both!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I can't wait to see your new vintage house! It is fun, but tiring!