Monday, September 19, 2016

Wall Art

One of my favorite ways to personalize any space is with unique wall art.  It is an easy and inexpensive opportunity to add personality to your home.  Although boutique, home, craft and department stores are great places to spark creativity, I rarely buy anything.  This piece was made specifically for one of our guest rooms.  I was able to choose the exact colors and size to fit my space.

We have a large pile of pallet wood that will be used for a future project.  I selected several pieces and cut them down to 16 inches.  Then I screwed them from the back to two additional pieces of wood.

  Using my Cricut, I cut out a world shape and the scripture reference of Matthew and used them as a stencil.  After centering each piece on my plaque and taping them down, I painted with regular craft paint.

This whole project only took an afternoon and cost me $0.  Yep, I used scraps of wood, scraps of vinyl for the stencil and paint I already had on hand.   I love the texture in the room and the colors that match perfectly!

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