Sunday, October 9, 2016

Reminded of God's Faithfulness

Each Sunday after our worship services, Wonderful and I go out to a reception area and greet guests. Last Sunday was no different, after visiting for a bit I walked back inside of the worship center to gather my stuff in order to get ready to go home.  Darling Daughter, my niece and nephew were coming for a visit  later that evening and I was super excited.  The Coach had spent the weekend and headed back after the first service, so I was going home and changing bedding and cleaning up to get ready for the next crew of visitors.  I had left quite a mess deciding to spend time with our son instead of cleaning,  I knew I would have the afternoon to get everything ready and maybe catch a nap!

I checked my phone first and noticed I had missed a call from the girl just by a few minutes, I quickly hit redial hoping to get an update of where they were on the road.  When she answered I was met with sobs, my heart stopped!  There had been a wreck, I quickly found out that no one seemed to be hurt, but the car was undriveable.  I assured her that as long as everyone was okay the other was unimportant.  The police were on their way as well as EMS to check them out for sure.  While I was talking to her and reassuring her, Wonderful walked up and could tell by my face that something was wrong.  I got off the phone with Darling Daughter and filled him in, we jumped in the truck and headed north.  Wonderful called the girl and found out they were indeed okay, and were going to a hotel where we would meet them, we were 7 hours away.

Through the last twenty years or so when stressful times strike my first response is to begin making a list of things I am thankful for, there have been extended seasons where the list was written and ongoing and other times when it is just mental.  As we drove and emotions settled, my mind wanted to drift to what might have been so I mentally began my ongoing list of thanksgiving.  First and foremost I am thankful to my heavenly Father who physically protected my family!

1.  I am thankful no one was seriously hurt, scratches and bruises. 

2.  Thankful that no other cars were involved and our car withstood the impact as well as it did.  The inside was unchanged and even their drinks didn't spill.

3.  Thankful for the man, a pilot, who immediately pulled over, helped them out of the car and let them stay in his truck until the police arrived.  They were on the highway 40 W and not clear of oncoming traffic and the car would not move.

4.  Thankful for the trooper that came, he was so good to them.  After reports were taken, everyone was checked out and the wrecker loaded the car, he helped them get to a hotel, where the troopers stay when training in West Memphis.  He introduced them to the owner and the night watchman and they were assured they would be well taken care of.

5.  Thankful for a wonderful insurance agent who went over and above and took care of everything.  If you need insurance call Tim Bates from Allstate..

6.  If you need a place to stay in West Memphis, please go to the Knights Inn.  As stated they took care of our family.  We arrived late in the evening and went straight to our room.  The following morning Wonderful and I along with my nephew, Archer went down to breakfast.  He greeted Archer by name and said you must be the folks in 108.

7.  The wrecker service was amazing, when we arrived the following morning they were super nice and the young lady was already taking pictures to send to the insurance company.  We looked at the car, finished emptying everything out and signed what needed to be, Steve's Auto Service.  I hope you never need them!

8.  So thankful for the body of Christ, literally from around the world who contacted us and were praying for us.  For the staff we serve with, as well as our church family who also prayed, texted and emailed us, took care of our dog, mail and trash without us even asking.

9.  I am also thankful for the unexpected visit with our extended families.  On Monday we drove my niece and nephew to their home and had a home cooked meal waiting on us at my parent's house, nothing beats a home cooked meal by mom!

10.  On Tuesday we drove to Louisville and got DD settled back into dorm room.  We also were able to have dinner and visit with our son.  We don't get to see him very often so that was such a blessing. I had visited with all three of my kids in one week!

11.  Wednesday we headed back to TX, I don't know if you are still with me but we traveled around 34 or so hours in a truck over four days.  Our church family praying for our safety the whole time!

12.  I almost dreaded coming home, if you remember I had left my house a mess.  I kid you not, dishes in the sink, beds unmade, mail on the counter.  Well when we walked in, my friend Emily had cleaned my house and had a meal in the frig.  I could have cried.

Having several days to reflect, I am humbled and blessed in the many ways God provided for our family through family, friends and several unnamed and to me faceless strangers.  I indeed have so much for which to be thankful!

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  2. So glad everyone is okay. We all are so blessed every day and have so much to be thankful for!

  3. I am glad it all turned out for the best and most importantly no one was hurt.