Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rethinking my Guest Room

Our home has 4 bedrooms, two up and two down, none overly large.  When we moved in we took the larger of the upstairs bedrooms, knowing we could eventually create a master suite (which is currently a work in progress).  The second upstairs bedroom became my craft room and a bit of a sanctuary for me.  Darling Daughter took the smaller downstairs bedroom, her choice and the other became the guest room.  When DD went to college, the first year, I kept most everything in her room the same except painting a more neutral paint color.  Darling has only been back a few times since leaving for college and never more than a few weeks, it isn't because we don't get along, she is just very independant and likes being on her own and I respect that!

This spring we took the twin mattress to KY for her to sleep on over the summer at her brothers apartment.  I fully intended to replace with a new set when we returned, but as I thought about how we use this space I came up with another plan.  The two downstairs bedrooms are off our family room in a small hallway with the bathroom in between.  One room is a very traditional guest room with bed, dresser and night stands.  So I began to research twin sleeper loveseats, there are not a lot of choices, but I found one that would work in the space. This room also has an old rocking chair, an end table and an antique washstand that belonged to my grandparents, it holds extra blankets.
 I got the old camp stool from a friend and painted it cream, then recovered the seat.  It can be used to hold luggage or moved as a foot stool for the sofa.

Day to day now this room functions as another sitting area, Wonderful's workout space and another area for him to study when he needs to shut the door.  The room can also still function as a guest room with a twin bed which was exactly what we had before.  But perhaps the main reason for the change, both of our parents live out of state and when they come to visit we would like for them to have their own space.  We will be adding a sliding barn door(when the master is complete) to the hallway that connects the two rooms and bathroom, this will give them their own guest suite.  They will have their own bedroom, bathroom and sitting area with TV.  

As far as sleeping on the sleeper sofa, when making it into a bed I add a 3 inch mattress topper.  When Darling Daughter came in last I asked her to try it for one night and let me know how it slept or what it needed.  She said it was very comfy and slept  in there the whole time she was here!

A space that had only one function before and was only used occasionally now has multiple purposes and is used almost daily!

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