Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Resolutions and Such

Wow I have missed being here, we have been busy with holiday stuff and I just needed a time of quiet in between the busyness.  I can't wait to share some projects with you.  The bathroom is 90% finished, I just have trim painting to do, then I hope to reveal by the end of the month.  It has already been declared the best shower ever by the whole family!  There are a ton of little things that have been finished as well.  Can't wait to catch you up!

One of my favorite things about the new year is a new planner.  I have been using the same basic planner with a few tweaks the last few years.  (Click here for personal planner post ). I will be sharing a couple of printables that I plan to implement this year.

This is a sign at a local business and I laugh everytime I pass.  😂😂

New Year's resolutions seem to be getting a bad wrap, and I get it we tend to make lofty goals that would be next to impossible to accomplish, but even if we never reach the end goal wasn't the few things we did do, worth it?  Anyway for a list maker like me, it is something I do naturally.  So I wanted to share three of my very achievable resolutions with you:

  • 1.  Be more intentional with my minutes.  I am terrible about thinking well I only have 10, 15, 20 minutes until I have to be somewhere or do something.  My tendency is to think that isn't enough time to start something, but I want to train myself to think about all of the things I can do in short about of time.  So I am putting together a list of things that can be done in 15 minutes or less, including putting in a load of laundry, or folding a load of laundry; sweeping the kitchen; the much dreaded unloading the dishwasher; wiping down the bathroom counter.  What else, what are your suggestions for 15 minutes or less?
  • 2.  Wonderful and I are making a marriage bucket list of 5 things for 2017.  As empty nesters we have tons of time together, but I am finding the struggle has become allowing church responsibilities and home remodel consume all of our time.  Intentionally focusing on fun activities that involve neither of those things is the plan.  We will each make some suggestions and then narrow it down to five things, I am sure an intentional date night once a month will make the list. 
  • 3.  My recipes have been a mess for a long time, I have tried different solutions, but nothing is working for me.  Darling Daughter bought me the cutest recipe box from Anthropologie for Christmas. I am taking this as my motivation to get them whipped into shape.

Speaking of Christmas I got most everything down yesterday.  I wish I had found this article 15 Ways to store Christmas Decor  before I started this task, but I did Pin it for next year!

  I am working on completing a wedding gift so I need to get back to it!  Have a great day!

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