Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beef Stew Recipe

I hate this weather, it is not what you think, it is actually beautiful.  I really don't hate it, but it is so deceptive.  Although it looks and feels like it is time to get out and do spring planting and projects, it is not.  We will get cold, okay cold for Houston, again and it is much too early to do those spring chores.  And food is also a struggle, this time of year I want chili, soup and all of the comfort foods and yet we are eating salads and grilling out.

Well today I decided poo on the weather and how it feels we are having beef stew.  I found this recipe a couple of years ago and just like the name Simple Beef Stew, it is indeed simple.  Today I used a deer roast our neighbor blessed us with and cut it up in stew chunks.  Changes that I generally make include using red potatoes to replace both the white and sweet potatoes in the recipe, hubby isn't fond of sweet potatoes and I just like to use the red potatoes with skin on.  I also use one bag of baby carrots, not cutting them at all.  I generally cut everything in large chunks, stew is a hearty meal to me and needs a rough chop as opposed to a dainty cut.  Because the stew cooks slowly in the oven, it is spoon tender for cutting in the bowl.  The last change is including some large pieces of celery right on top before placing in oven, removing it right before serving when I remove the bay leaves.

A skillet of corn bread and it is comfort food at its best!  Can you tell I like the carrots?

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