Friday, January 6, 2017

DIY Sconses

On my birthday trip to Waco, we came home with lots of treasures.  My friends and I had the car loaded, it was tons of fun and lots of great places to find hidden treasures.  One of the places we stopped was downtown, I don't remember the name now, but it was the traditional antique shop in a huge old building where there were numerous booths.  I love those places, it is almost sensory overload for me, but yet I know there is something unique and beautiful waiting to be discovered, and this place didn't disappoint!

My treasure was under a table on the floor, what first caught my eye was pieces of old bead board with chippy paint in several colors.  As I look through and was thinking of the many things I could do with them, I discovered old porch pickets underneath.  They were the flat pickets with a plain design and I immediately thought they would make perfect wall sconces.  At $6 each they were a little more than I might normally pay but because I knew exactly what I would do I bought them.

When I explained my idea to Wonderful, he considered it a very doable project.  I searched Amazon for something that would hold a candle and ended up stumbling across these.  They are plant hangers for potted plants.  As with the pickets I knew immediately they were perfect.  Again a little pricier than what I would normall go for, but they were so perfect!

On a Friday in mid November, the window guys came to install our new windows.  (Window World rocks!).  The tile guys for the bathroom were also here, so between the sounds of breaking glass, the tinney sound of the tile being cut and around 15 men in and out of our house it was a little unnerving. Wonderful doesn't sit well, and with all that was going on I knew he needed something to do.  Even though this project was easy enough for me to tackle, I brought eveything out and we began to work on the sconces on the patio.

Basically we measured for placement of the metal holders and screwed into place.  Next we flipped them over and attached hangers.  They were basically completed in a matter of minutes.  The glass candle holders came from The Dollar Tree, at $1 each they helped balance out some of the pricier components.

I love how they turned out!  They are exactly what I envisioned as I bent down on my knees under a table in the antique mall.  The sconces are a perfect addition to my dining room and I love that they are a unique.

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  1. Those sconces are wonderful! Great idea! You were in Waco?? Did you go to the silos?? Did you get to see the area? What fun!

    1. Hi Nancy, yes we went to the silos. It was a fun trip, the day we were there was a Baylor home game and you could hardly move in the Silos. I want to go back during the week. There are lots of great shops and places to go!